Reasons to Attend Joan's Cake Camps

Expert Training

Joan is a certified former Wilton trainer and has taught over 500 students over 13 years.

Learn a New Skill

Your child will learn the basic techniques of cake decorating starting with how to frost a cake, and how to use piping bags and tips. They will also learn the most up-to-date trends in the buttercream world of cake decorating.

Expand your child’s experience

Exposing your child to new experiences can provide opportunities to look at the world with a whole set of eyes.

Build Confidence

Attaining new skills makes kids feel capable and confident that they can tackle whatever comes their way.

Try new things

Learning new skills is the best way to help your child to grow and learn. Whether they excel or just had a fun time, it's worth the experience.

Complete a Project

Your child will bring home their finished project to show off the skills that could last a lifetime with the family.

Fun Facts

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